Why Suphiras?

Striaghtforawd Products.

We get it. Jewlery can be confusing. There's so many metals, stones, shapes, clasps, materials; the list goes on. We provide clear pictures and straightforward product descriptions. No marketing jargon, no funny business. We tell you exactly what you're getting.

We're good at what we do. 

With over 30 years of experince in the field, we know jewelry. We control everything from the preliminary design of the product up untill the product gets to you. You can be sure the products have been inspected by hand, and are assembled with the utmost care.

Unique Desgins

Fast fashion has given rise to quick and cheap jewelery produced in shiploads. Our products are designed in house by an experinced stylist. Many of our peices are hand-made, so you know you're getting one of a kind. 

 Small and Family Owned

No waiting to speak to 15 different departments for a simple question. No speaking to somebody who doesn't know anything about the product you received. We see all the products that go out our door becasue our small team designs, produces, and ships them.

New Arrivals

Lapis Tube Bead Bracelet with 14K Gold Beads and Clasp
This bracelet features Genuine Lapis tube beads and is accented with 3mm 14K Gold beads and filigree clasp.  Size: 7.5m
$ 59.99
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