Gift Yourself in 2016! Affordable and fashionable jewelry under $30!

Wow, the holidays are over and now those credit card bills start to hit your mailbox...Yikes! But, doesn't it feel like you treated everyone with gifts but nothing for yourself? Yeah, I know, I feel the same way!

So, since you're in bills purgatory I think it's the perfect time to tell you about some fantastic jewelry under $30! Don't worry, you can thank me later! Looking for some new ear-bling, how about this Balinese Style with 9x5 pear shape semi-precious stones dangling earing. For $24.99, I think it's a great deal especially with the details in this piece and the stone that hands in the center!

If neck gear is your style, and you want to follow your heart (no pun intended) check out this semi-precious stones with cubic zirconia halo pendant in the shape of a heart. All together now, ahhhh! For $24.99, it's definitely worth it and the best part, you can choose from four different stones!

That's it for now! Happy shopping everyone!